Inspiration is interesting, particularly when you recognize it in hindsight. I had previously thought that I had been channeling Richard Corben and Vaughn Bodé when I illustrated The Tombs.

I read Moebius' Arzach (from Heavy Metal #1) while flying to Chicago to go to Gary Con III. What do I see on the first page of Moebius's 1977 masterpiece? None other than The Tombs.

I never set out to rip off Moebius. In fact, until that flight I had never even had the pleasure of viewing Arzach. I guess my mind just inhabits some of the same spaces as Moebius. What's really weird, though, is that I signed my name in pretty much the same place that Moebius signed his. Coincidence? Synchronicity? Whatever you want to call it, it's cool by me.


  1. In some respects I totally agree. There are times when people seem to be 'mining' the same imaginative ether and coming to similar conclusions that the stuff that dreams are made of? Or are there more things on heaven or earth, to paraphrase the bard?

  2. I would point out that not only is the triangular composition fairly striking and common, but so is phallic imagery.

    If I were going to draw a mountain or tower or stone edifice, a c*ck shaped one is really high up on the list.

    It's nice, by the way - though I'm more of a fan of Russ's work. :-)

  3. Being compared to Moebius is high praise. Mining the same or parallel imaginative stratum as Moebius, that's awesome. Go with the flow and enjoy it--it is obviously working really well for you!

  4. It's not bad to grind the old ideas. I mean, sometimes. They can evolute into something much better, and even new! :)

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  5. They both remind me of Capadocia. Nothing wrong with that!

  6. We shall either go mad from the revelation or flee from the deadly light into the peace and safety of a new dark age.