Taking a cue from Jeff Grubb, here are fifteen games, in no particular order, that influenced the hell out of me and will always be with me:
  1. D&D in all its various incarnations
  2. Gamma World
  3. Metamorphosis Alpha
  4. Diablo I & II
  5. Skyrealms of Jorune
  6. Empire of the Petal Throne
  7. Traveller
  8. Twilight 2000
  9. Call of Cthulhu
  10. Aftermath!
  11. The Mechanoid Invasion
  12. Palladium Fantasy Role-Playing Game
  13. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & Other Strangeness
  14. Wizardry
  15. Top Secret
Although this list is oriented towards pen & paper RPGs, I definitely count myself a video game enthusiast. (I would have stuck Ultima II & III on the list if I had more room. The same goes for The Morrow Project.)

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  1. hmmm, this got me thinking...no particular order and probably not what you meant at all by 'games' but these influenced me big time:

    1. POW! ~"Pong", on the Captain Cosmic show, live on air on KTVU Channel 2 in San Francisco when I was a wee lass.

    2. Smess ~ messier than checkers and funnier. It had Numbskulls and you had to capture the Brain. I wish I still had that game and all the groovy pieces.

    3. Slap Jack ~ It was high action fun for me :P I had special Slap Jack cards with cool drawings on them.

    4. Gyruss ~ still my fave. Still play thanks to Xbox.

    5. PICTIONARY!!!!!!! My other fave. Seriously, I would make people play everyday and every party would center around it if I was in power.

    6. I don't recall the name of this game but when I was little I had this super groovy kind of sink my battleship game that was about 3 feet high and 3 feet wide with double sided cardboard multilevel playing areas all depicting color underwater scenes. It was my 'rockstar' game. The boys were always impressed. My mom's friend got it for me on some trip.

    7. Air Hockey ~ just know that I rule! LOL

    8. High Jump ~ played with rubber bands strung together. I was extremely competitive. I used to know all kinds of maneuvers and practiced day and night.

    9. Ink Link ~ basically pictionary online. I was highly addicted when it first came out years ago. I try to block it out of my mind or I may fall off the wagon.

    10. PaRappa the Rapper ~ I can't help myself, I adore everything about this. It makes me cry that it only works on my original Playstation and I can't connect it to the TV anymore :(

    11. Tekken ~ I believe I own up to Tekken 3, again original Playstation dilemma. I friggin love playing this!!! It makes me laugh but again I am highly competitive and get highly addicted so I am better off with not having access.

    12. through 15. would have to be all the games I play with you. Whether they be at your side in a video game, like the one I can never remember the name-you know with the dang queen bee, or Tekumel, those Munchkin ones and of course our D&D adventures.