Deep within the bowels of the City of Splendor, in the sub-sewers beneath the Domain of the Demon Rats, is the Otyugh Trough. So named because of the many otyugh that dwell within, this is a nightmarish place. The upper sewers from the city drain here through a complex network of miasmic tunnels. The air is befouled by noxious fumes wafting from the rivers of offal and muck that ooze throughout. These tunnels are extremely dangerous. If the vile creatures inhabiting the bubbling waste don't do you in, the horrible diseases you will catch most certainly will. And where there is solid ground, it is covered with refuse and garbage from ages past. In addition to ferocious otyugh, slimes and molds are a common threat.

This particular map was fun to draw. Some points, in no particular order:

✸ Although you probably can't tell, this was my first experiment with the PITT big brush. I've had one for a while, but I didn't know how I should use it. Well, I said screw it and drew this map. Although I'm not using it to its potential, I am at least cured of my trepidation.

✸ I listened to Dark Angel the entire time I drew, which was a welcome blast from the past. (GENE HOGLAAAAAAAN!)

✸ Otyugh are 8 feet wide. so they might not be able to comfortably make it down all of the gnarly corridors of this place.

✸ I believe those stairs in the southwest mark the beginning of the Thousand Steps, which ultimately wind their way to a lesser traveled area of the Domain of the Demon Rats (which I plan to eventually detail).

All the rest is to be determined by your imagination.

The Fine Print: I am sharing this map under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike license. If you follow that link you will be able to read about the conditions that apply to this work. In a nutshell: (a) you can't use it commercially, (b) you must attribute it to me, and (c) you must share any derivative works that you create.

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