I haven't abandoned this blog, I've just been inordinately busy as of late:
  • I bought a new house.
  • Z and I got moved in and squared away in record time.
  • I created two home offices this time: the usual one for security consulting and one for the new RPG business.
  • The future mother-in-law came for a visit.
  • I'm exiting the freelance cartography business with a bang, doing all the maps for the next several LotFP releases: Hammers of the God, Tower of the Stargazer, and the LotFP Weird Fantasy Role-Playing boxed set.
So yeah, it's been busy around here. The LotFP work is winding down this week and I've got a couple of new posts in development. Expect something later this week.


  1. Love your blog! I'm looking forward to more posts!

  2. Whew, I was sure some Chitinous nomad bandits took you captive and ran off with you into the black ziggurat.

  3. I know it feels like nobody noticed that you weren't blogging, but we did notice.

  4. I understand the busy side of things, Ramsey, but it's good to hear that life's treating you well, all-in-all :D

    Hopefully an end to freelance cartographic work won't preclude you from posting more of your maps in the blog, as time and inspiration permit?


  5. That is awesome news all around! Congrats on the house!

    I look forward to your NEW posts.


  6. Sorry for posting this here and not in an email but I'm experiencing technical difficulties and this was the only option...:(. Anyway, I'm a big fan of your maps and I'm wondering if you have an idea when the dungeon sets #3 and #4 might be available?

  7. @Branderwydd: Dungeon Sets are a Pied Piper Publishing product. They are not under my control and I have no idea of their status.

    Thanks for the kind words regarding my maps. You made my day. I've got some things in the works. Stay tuned to this blog for an announcement in the coming weeks.