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The western part of the Pillar of Shagraath is dominated by the dusty Plains of Sahak, where ferocious pit lions prey upon the weak. Within this desolate wasteland broods the black pile of rock known as Ziqquratu Ziyaret.

The approach is littered with obelisks decorated with reliefs and inscriptions in Zhasuu. The reliefs depict orgies of reptilian sex and death. The inscriptions recount the conquests and glories of the fallen empire of the reptilians. The place gives off an air of great antiquity, and at the same time, one of dread.

Broad avenues of steps ascend to platforms where yawning black portals lead to the pile's interior. Within lies a seemingly endless array of unlit vaults and passageways. Deep within the cryptic gloom lies a dead city. According to the Tablets of Urutau, the place is haunted by the degenerate remnants of the once great therapsidians. The tablets also speak of a nexus of gateways located deep within that lead to the manifold dimensions.


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