Gary Con II is over and I had a lot of fun. People are starting to post pictures of the con. Instead of posting the same sorts of pictures as everyone else, I'll instead share some snaps I made of the moathouse.

This, of course, is the infamous battle at the moathouse, played at various Lake Geneva, WI, gatherings. The battle is played out by the Forces of Woe and Weal using the Chainmail rules.

I always like looking at the less common approach. In this particular case, we have the uncool side of the moathouse. (Apologies for the glare from the far windows; it snowed the morning I took these initial pictures.)

Looking in on the moathouse we can see the Forces of Woe getting ready for the coming battle.

Here's a closeup of the chaos leadership.

Here are the Forces of Weal in pre-game disarray—a fateful forshadowing?

On Saturday night the Forces of Weal engaged the chaos-held fortification. The fight was underway.

While it may look like the Forces of Woe took a beating, in truth, they kicked Weal's collective ass.

According to Paul Stormberg, this is the third year running that chaos won. Let's hear it for chaos!

I spoke with one of the chaos players and he said the game started at about 5:30 and ran until about half past midnight. Twenty-one turns elapsed, taking about 20 minutes each. He said that it was a close game and that Weal could have won up until the last three turns.

I picked up a nice copy of Chainmail this weekend. I'm seriously considering getting in on this action next year. The question is, which side will I support? Woe or Weal? Sacking the moathouse looks like an awful lot of fun as evidenced by some of these pictures.


  1. Looks like a lot of fun. There are a lot of questions I have about Chainmail. Does anyone really use the next-to-impossible morale rules in the book?

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  2. It was good to meet you at the con, Ramsey :D I'm looking forward to hearing more about your publishing plans as they move forward!

    @ limpey: There's a Chainmail forum @, if you're looking for some guidance from folks playing the game today.


  3. The destroyed replacement tower parts are flippin rad.

    ha, verification is orkers