Every session I run with my crew reminds me of why I largely gave up computer gaming. Computer games lack the uproarious levity of a roomful of brains. To wit, three amusing events from today's play testing session:

I had decided that the native language spoken by Earth Men was Terran. My players decided otherwise. The language of the Earth Men is actually called Murrican.

The player characters are a motley assortment of low men, high men, earth men, and chitinous men. Of course the pair of seven-foot tall chitinous men stick out like sore thumbs. The humans have taken to referring to them as chits (pronounced, 'kites'). Racism comes to the World of Yezmyr.

Have any of your players ever killed shriekers… and then asked what they taste like? I was nonplussed. Bemt the Cringer then proceeded to tear off a chunk from the purple and white mushroom and started eating. I was like, ehrm… I quickly grabbed my random hallucination tables and started rolling. As it turned out, the hallucinogenic alkaloids of the psychoactive shriekers were quite potent. Bemt was tripping within minutes, and before long he was running around like a PMSing cat. Candela cast hold person on him and the rest of the crew tied him up. Bemt tripped for two days straight. That's what happens when you eat shriekers.

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