After TSR, Gary Gygax created Dangerous Journeys. As a system, Dangerous Journeys addressed many issues with AD&D. Whereas AD&D's mechanics were based on rules imported from wargaming, Dangerous Journeys was designed to enable the telling of stories. Unfortunately, the game was sued into oblivion by TSR before it ever had a chance to take off.

Dangerous Journeys enjoys a small, faithful following today. I got a chance to see some of the key players playing Dangerous Journeys at Gary Con II. See that fat, black binder on the table? It contains the rules for Unhallowed, the never published supernatural expansion to Dangerous Journeys. There are interesting rumors surrounding the current fate of Dangerous Journeys. Although it's too early to say anything else, I've got my fingers crossed.


  1. ...and after days of bloody brutal battles, the Unhallowed Binder now rests in your grasp, right? To be shared? To finally see the light of day and game tables throughout the land?

    Aaah, I guess not. Twas a dream I had...

    I'll keep my fingers crossed too.

  2. If only Gygax hadn't taunted TSR too much with calling it Dangerous Dimensions at first. 'DD'. Talk about waving a red cape.

    Well, they would've gone after him no matter what I suppose...


  3. Hopefully this means a reprint of The Epic of Aerth...and a ruthless editing of Dangerous Journeys.

    I just hope Castle Zagyg will be dual stat...