Yesterday I cut a line dealing with the cold gulfs of interstellar space from my post about Yezmyr and its relation to the infinite latticework of planar realities. That act bothered me all day long, so I am following it up with a post about the the campaign world's relation to interstellar space. Whereas M.A.R. Barker's T├ękumel is safely(?) sequestered within a pocket dimension, the World of Yezmyr openly hangs within the fabric of Known Space in the Classic Traveller universe.

The World of Yezmyr is located within Iakr Sector (known as Foreven Sector in the Imperium). Situated at the edge of the Zhodani Consulate, within Anika Subsector, Yezmyr is a claimed world. It is not, however, absorbed into the Consulate. It is classified as a Forbidden World (equivalent to an Imperial Red Zone<), and access to it is strictly forbidden. It is possible that the system is host to a secret Consular research station.

Owing to Iakr Sector's backwater status, there is no permanent military blockade stationed at Yezmyr. The Zhodani Consulate does maintain an automated hunter-killer satellite array in system, however. Unauthorized vessels that enter the Yezmyr system will be tracked, engaged, and destroyed by these satellites.

Yezmyr (known to the Impirium as Yesmar's World) is the fourth planet of seven that orbit the star, Yrn. Yrn is an F-type main sequence star with a spectral classification of F5V. Although a yellow-white dwarf, Yrn has 1.4 times more mass, is nearly twice the diameter, and is 7.5 times more luminous than Earth's Sun. A single moon, Zeroun, orbits Yezmyr. Where Yrn is associated with life, Zeroun is associated with sorcery and death.

Name: Yezmyr
Hex: 0917
Stats: X840670-1
    Starport: None
    Planetary Size: Medium (12,878 kilometers in diameter)
    Atmosphere: Thin, Tainted (0.61 atmospheres)
    Hydrosphere: Desert World (2.5% surface water)
    Population: Moderate (1,000,000)
    Government: Balkanization (no central ruling authority exists)
    Law Level: No Law, no prohibitions
    Tech Level: Medieval (circa 600 AD)
Base Code: None
Trade Classifications: Desert World, Ice-Capped
Extended Stats: R 111
    Travel Zone: Red (severe danger)
    Population Multiplier: 1 → 1 × 10^6;
    Planetoid Belts: 1
    Gas Giants: 1
Allegiance Code: Zh (Zhodani Consulate)

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  1. We definitely need more concrete stellar coordinates for campaign worlds