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This is the third and final post in which I detail the languages I use in the World of Yezmyr, my science fantasy setting. The language family I will be discussing today is that of the unusual languages. The World of Yezmyr has its fair share of unusual and esoteric languages. Some of these come from Yezmyr, itself, while others originate on other worlds and planes of existence.

Cyclopean: This was the language spoken by the titans before their downfall eons ago. Although not spoken by anyone on Yezmyr, there are ancient sealed tombs that contain writing in this tongue. It is also possible that a number of titans survive in the outer planes. If encountered, they would likely speak this tongue.

Dead: Countless dead languages can be found within the ruins that litter the surface of Yezmyr. Dead scripts are almost a dime a dozen. Perhaps the most "famous" is the indecipherable geometric script of the long dead Precursors. No one has ever managed to put these glyphs into any sort of coherent context. Some sages argue that their language is meaningless, while others claim it is the tongue of madness.

Extraplanar: There are as many extraplanar languages as there are beings from hailing from the far planes. Their varieties and forms are nearly endless.

Null: Only the terrible creatures of the Nullity speak this dark and evil language. It is the primary tongue of demons.

Offworld: There are innumerable extraterrestrial races (who presumably visit Yezmyr in order to "take samples"). Their languages are many and varied. Some are pronounceable by human vocal chords, while others are not.

Ph'nglui: This is the tongue of the Ichthyans, a blasphemous race of advanced fish men that dwell deep within the subterranean vaults of water that lace the crust of Yezmyr.

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