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This is the second post of three in which I detail the languages I use in the World of Yezmyr, my science fantasy setting. The language family I will be discussing today is that of the monsters. This family is comprised of all the various languages spoken by sentient monsters throughout Yezmyr.

Balachakan: Interestingly, both djinn and efreet share this language, although they do have distinct dialects. The language is simultaneously singsong and guttural. Its script is spidery in appearance.

Brahak: This is the language of the hrusk. It is loud and violent, even when whispered. It has no written form.

Buryaam: This is the esoteric language of dopplegangers. Little is known about it, for dopplegangers of Yezmyr hide their existence. The written form resembles Hittite cuneiform.

Chaktai: Ogres and ogre magi speak this harsh tongue. Its written form is simple and consists of intricately aligned gouges.

Ghu'ur: This is the language of trolls. Although its written form consists of simple glyph combinations, its spoken form is unusually rich and expressive.

Go'at: Although it simply sounds like the bleating of goats, this is the language of the goat men. It has no written form.

Hraksang: Although repulsive creatures, the language of the troglodytes is surprisingly beautiful. Its written form consists of fluid glyphs, flowing from top to bottom.

Ilquan: This is the language of medusas. Its written form is serpentine like their hair.

Khalka: This is the language of the gargoyles. It is harsh and and spoken in screechlike tones.

Kharana: This is the mewling tongue of the khar'ool. Its written form consists of complex sequences of circles and scratches, occasionally punctuated by dots.

Khitzai: The language of the rat men sounds like squeaks and looks like the gnawing marks found upon chewed bones.

Nikudhari: This is the tongue of the vampires. It has a sinister timbre. Its written form consists of sharp, angular glyphs that make use of a number of peculiar diacriticals.

Olmon: This is the strange tongue of the amorphos. It sounds like a droning monotony. It has verbal and mental components. Although non-psionic humans cannot master the mental component, its verbal components can be mastered with study. This language has no written form.

Ornaathian: This is the language of the ornaath. It consists of sequences of gentle, high-pitched neighs punctuated by hoof stamping. It has no written form.

Shas'rhaksa: This is the obscure language of the rakshasas. Spoken in harsh whispering tones, it sounds evil. Its glyphs appear as if constructed by claw marks.

Siril: This is the language of dragon-kind. It sounds strangely similar to the chirping of birds. Its runic script is both complex and beautiful.

S'ss: This is the hissing tongue of the serpent men. Its written form consists of coil-shaped glyphs punctuated by triangular forms.

Yaakhu: This is the howling tongue of the hyena men. It has no written form.

Zhasuu: This is the primitive language of the therapsids. It sounds like guttural hissing and is obviously not meant for human vocal chords. Its written form consists of sequences of primitive, geometric glyphs.

Zx'kath: This is the obscene, screeching language of the winged blighters. Its written form consists of vertical sequences of angular glyphs that read from the bottom up.

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