Torture and slavery are extremely common on Yezmyr. The city-states of man practice many forms of torture, both in private and in public. When it comes to public exhibitions, however, nothing captures the imagination of the people like the slicing death of a thousand cuts.

The victim is tied to a great wooden frame, stained deeply by years of sustained bloodletting. Slowly, over a period of days, he is cut with knives. Opiates are administered when the pain becomes intolerable. The torturers see to it that the transgressor remains conscious throughout the process. He stares ecstatically into space, blissfully unaware that his internal organs are being removed. Through this ritual the victim is relieved of his life. His body, irreversibly defiled, crumples in ignominious death as his spirit passes on to the Nullity for eternal punishment.

The torturers in the City-States of the Sorcerer Kings are crueler than most. It is said that they lace their opiates with psi-drugs acquired from the minions of the sorcerer kings, themselves. These drugs have the effect of bringing extraplanar horrors into the mind of the victim while he is being subjected to the knife. The terror is said to be exquisite. Scrying parlors located throughout the gloomier districts of these cities sell access to the dying episodes. The experience is said to be "life changing."

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