In the foothills of the Witchfire Mountains lies a narrow, wooded ravine. A pitted track leads into its tangled expanse from the valleys below. Before the avalanche, it served as the main conduit to Howling Wolf Pass. But with the way now permanently closed by rock fall, man has quit the place. Long years passed and the watchtower that once protected the ravine fell to ruin. Today, the ravine is overgrown with vegetation. The ground slopes upward from the base of the ravine at a 25° angle and a fast moving stream cuts across the floor during the rainy season. The top of the ravine is choked with impassable rubble.

The ruined watchtower is located mid-way up the west side of the ravine. It is octagonal and stands 30 feet wide and 60 feet tall. Fashioned from large blocks of grayish blue stone, the tower is a shade of its former self. Its upper floors are completely collapsed and the structure is dangerously unsound. A single battered door provides entrance to the place, while numerous arrow loops and dim windows stare from above. No one knows what fate has befallen this place.

Inside, narrow spiral stairs connect the floors. The floor of the 4th level is rotten and its ceiling is open to the sky. The stairs ascending from this place are rubble-choked and impassible. Similarly, the stairs descending from the 1st level are obstructed by an impenetrable gloom. Where they lead is left up to you.

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