The series is underway and I am quite pleased with the direction it is taking. The write-ups have been slowly taking on a life of their own. Places once nameless are now beginning to take form. I plan to continue posting these maps, but intend to tie them together with more details. As always, you are free to disregard everything and just use the map. It's really just about the map; everything else is just icing on the cake.

Sometime in the future I will post a map that ties together all of these disparate places. At that time I will unveil a little more of the overall view of this land. Skeletal in nature, it will provide a nice backdrop against which you may leverage any number of sword & sorcery actions. In truth, it doesn't matter what game system you use. You could play Gamma World here just as easily as D&D. You could do weirder. I for one intend to set a Traveller S-type scout ship down on the surface at some point.

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  1. Sandbox revolution!!

    Word verification: Angashan (obviously some faux-Persian/Afganistan Sword and Sorcery location)