North of the Esvarian Escarpment and across the windswept Rhor Uplands lie the Witchfire Mountains. Their snowy peaks are said to be impenetrable, the province of yeti and other fell creatures. This is not the case, however, for there is Howling Wolf Pass: a solitary route that leads through the mountains to the Sunken Lands, beyond. The pass cuts across the mountains at their narrowest point, between two impossibly huge peaks. Known as the Fangs of Yilthak, these sharp peaks cast a long shadow over the pass.

Those traveling this route would do well to take care, for the going is both treacherous and steep. Travelers will be under constant threat of attack, as there is a seemingly endless supply of savage hillmen and wolves in these lonesome peaks. Accordingly, a series of fortified watch towers has been constructed along the route to protect the vital caravans that travel to and from the Sunken Lands. Garrisoned by stalwart soldiers, these towers provide some recompense from the savagery of the region. Alas, not all towers are manned year round, especially during the long winter months. Worse still, it is during these times that the pass frequently becomes impassable due to heavy snowfall.

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