Situated on the eastern edge of the dusty desert steppes are the remains of an old chapel. Constructed in centuries past by an unknown sect of men, it stands today in abject ruin. Well off the beaten track traveled by desert caravans, the ruin is scarcely known. All the better, for the place is unwholesome. An unbearable stench hangs over the ruin and its nights are pierced by wild, inhuman screams.

Brooding megaliths guard the approach to the chapel. Standing askew, they lend an otherworldly air to the place. Among the stones are a number of cairns. At their center is a large statue. Ostensibly a man praying to the heavens, the statue has been worn down and pitted by the harsh desert winds.

The walls of the ruin are windswept and riddled with holes, and the roof has collapsed. The great statue that stood next to the porch is now a jumble of rock. Narrow slits peer out from the remains of the chapel’s singular tower. Only the lower level still stands, the upper floors having collapsed long ago. Choked with rubble, the place hides a secret trapdoor beneath the paving stones of its ancient floor.

Within the chapel, broken statues line the nave, defaced by countless claw marks. Of the altar, there is no trace, but amidst the rubble of the chancel is a yawning black pit. Deeply gouged steps descend into the darkness. Who or what dwells in the depths beneath this accursed place?

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  1. Umm. Ghouls. Me like 'em served cold with lots of paralytic pudding... ;)

  2. One of the earlier versions of Death Frost Doom (the surface area, different from the published module) was titled Chapel of Ghouls.

    Morbid Angel!

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    Du Du Du Du Du Du DU-DU!