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The religions of Yezmyr are varied and strange. Weird cults worship obscene gods while high priests enact ancient rituals deep within their vast temples. Spiritual battles are commonplace as the forces of law, neutrality, and chaos struggle for superiority. Mortals are but pawns in these eternal games of conflict. This is how it has always been.

Xagyr/YaggLawful Goddess of Light/God of Life
Ruler of light and life—and the spiritual leader of the gods of law—this deity is worshiped in both its female and male aspects. She is known as Xagyr (Zah-GEER, the Light) on the continent of Azea. On Anhara, he is Yagg (YOG, the Life). Although this deity takes no physical form, its worshipers present it as a perfectly formed human being. Her symbol is the ray of eternal light, his an endless circle representing the continuity of life. Xagyr/Yagg represents a duality: she/he can be nurturing, generative, and benevolent or she/he can be aggrieved, possessive, and devouring.

Jyall PaquusLawful God of War
Favored by warriors and berserkers, Jyall Paquus (JIE-all Pah-COUS) prefers worshipers who deign to cleanse themselves after battle. He takes one of three forms: the powerful authority before the battle, the berserker mad with lust during the battle, and the Crow after the battle has been fought. Different sects focus on different aspects, but all worship the same deity. His symbol is alternately a helm (authority), a bloody axe (battle lust), or a black crow. The latter is frequently depicted plucking an eyeball from the grim eye socket of a corpse.

Jwas MedarLawful God of Magic
The god of magic, elvenkind, and lawful dragons, Jwas Medar (JWOSS Med-harr) is worshipped in two forms: a cosmically beautiful elf and a snake-headed dragon. His symbol is Zeroun (Tseh-ROON), the sorcerous moon of Yezmyr. Seen only through the haze of one's pineal gland, Jwas Medar is the Prince of Mysteries.

Vass TehmerNeutral God of Nature
Worshiped by farmers and hunters alike, Vass Tehmer (VAHSS Tim-err) is the Lord of the Forests and protector of the natural realm. He wards the fields against wild incursions from nature and protects the wild plants and animals that are important to hunters. He is the patron of hobbits and personifies male beauty.

Edde WoenorgNeutral God of Fertility
The god of fertility, Edde Woenorg (Edda WOE-norg) is a cosmic hermaphrodite. Although possessed of all genders, none is preferred over any of the others. It is likely that this god will shift gender from moment to moment. It is equally likely that this god will be copulating with itself while interacting with you. Such is the nature of Edde Woenorg. This god is known as Omurbek (Om-UR-beck) in Anhara. This deity uses as its symbol any of the various sexual organs.

Berrn KottuzNeutral God of Mischief (The Trickster)
The offspring of titans, Berrn Kottuz (BAIRN Kott-huz) is the god of tricksters, dwarfs, and giants, alike. He is a shape shifter, assuming any form he desires at will. Berrn Kottuz controls the crossroads. He allows the crossing of bad luck, deliberate destruction, misfortune, and injustice. It is prophesied that Berrn Kottuz will, through his mischievous and malicious tricks, bring about the downfall and ultimate destruction of the pantheon of Yezmyr.

Erool'tsuChaotic God of Darkness and Death
The spiritual leader of the gods of chaos, Erool'tsu (Erool TSOO) is the god of darkness and death. In Azea, this god is worshiped as a purely spiritual being: there is no male or female, but only the stench of death in darkness eternal. In Anhara, this god is worshiped in its female aspect, Khorazma (Khor-AHZ-mah), a fifteen foot tall, hairless, ebon-skinned female with three breasts. This god counts among its worshipers the death cults of men and humanoids, as well as chaotic dragons. The skull is this deity's favored symbol, and it is not uncommon to see worms emerging from its eye sockets.

BabbdelwosChaotic God of Madness and the Sea
Formed when the sacs of the primeval octopus burst, Babbdelwos (BAB-del-wohss) is the god of madness and the sea. He rules fish and all the creatures of the sea from his manse within the Further Depths. His echo reaches as far as the sea's infinite caress. His messenger is the sea serpent Orthanc, who is both unknown and unknowable. (It is said that to see Orthanc is to invite dementia.) His symbol is the conch, and sometimes the tentacle.

Raan VenedosChaotic God of Disease
Ruling from the Foetid Pits of Asherak, deep within the Nullity, Raan Venedos (RAHN Venneh-dose) is the supreme lord of all that is sickly and diseased. A cohort of the most powerful plague demons, each more horrid than the last, attends him constantly. He loves nothing more than casting wave after wave of sickness upon the living, reveling in their decay. His symbol is the paramecium.

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