For the curious, the first review of the work I did for Pied Piper Publishing has been posted over at The Acaeum. Guy Fullerton's two-post review starts around post #17 in the thread. Just so you know, things like paper weight, etc., were out of my control. The design of the levels, however, is all me. If you have any questions as to why something is designed the way it is, feel free to leave a comment or send an email.

I'll update this post in the future when I discover more reviews out there. (And if you see any, kindly send a link my way. My email address is visible in my profile.)


  1. Thanks for pointing out thread. I'm definitely interested in picking these up soon.

  2. I like your cartographic style--very oldschool. Just wish these sets were available in pdf or other e-format. Hope that sets 3 and 4 release this year.