Excitement was in the air this evening as we had a new player at the table—and by new player, I mean someone who has never played before. Lured in by her boyfriend (the party's trusty(?) thief), J. rolled up an elven magic-user, a popular combination for new players in this campaign. (For point of reference, Z also plays an elven magic-user.) With this addition of fresh blood, the group now consists of seven players, represented by eight player characters and a henchman. Joining the fray this evening:
  • Yazmine, elven magic-user
  • Candela Shadowslayer, human cleric
  • Bemt the Cringer, human cleric
  • Drawde, human assassin
  • Trebor Yenoomi, human fighting-man
  • Datos, elven thief
  • Plume, elven magic-user
  • Kalton, human paladin
  • Manny the Tragic, human fighting-man (henchman)
The party had discovered a treasure map in their most recent adventure. Today, that map was deciphered and the tomb was achieved. The surface ruins were explored and a certain patch of deadly weed, interspersed with skeletons, was put to the torch. I then got to enjoy one of those moments where the players freak out a little bit due to the atmosphere. After much excited talk, they got their act together and descended into the dungeon, proper.

It's been a while since we last got together to play, so everyone was a little rusty. I solved that problem by running a combat right away. Our intrepid heroes were beset upon by a trio of giant scorpions. Blows were exchanged until ultimately all of the scorpions lay dead and twitching. Alas, Manny the Tragic was stung through and through. He failed his saving throw, turned purple, and shortly keeled over dead. Our new player asked, "Do we hold a funeral?" In unison, the other players were like, "Naah." I couldn't help but chuckle.

The adventurers delved deeper, poking and prodding the ruin as they went. Strange glyphs were deciphered, bas-reliefs were examined, and warnings went unheeded. Ultimately, a nasty combination of traps was triggered. No one died, but the clerics did wind up using all of their cure light wounds spells. I couldn't complain.

By the time we broke, the players had made good progress into the dungeon. The place feels unique and the players seem to have enjoyed themselves. I'm happy with the level of intensity of the encounters and traps thus far. Best of all, my deadliness as a DM continues with yet another death. (I believe there have been only 2 or 3 sessions so far where someone didn't die.) What can I say? Our group digs peril.

I can't wait for us to get together again. I'm really interested in seeing how the further challenges of this ancient ruin are addressed by the players. They play smart, and that keeps me on my toes. I've never had so much fun running games! But best of all, our new player seems to have genuinely enjoyed herself. Awesome.

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  1. Great way to knock the rust off! My favorite way to begin a campaign is by declaring, "Roll Initiative!"