Check out the portrait Kevin Mayle did of Z's character, Yazmine. She's the World of Yezmyr's first elf and magic-user. Kevin worked from a description provided by Z. He did an amazing job of interpreting her wishes, from her head piece right down to the skull buckles on her boots. She looks pretty bad ass, no?

You might recall a previous post where Z's penchant for magical pink glitter and evil flying unicorns was revealed. Lo and behold, if Kevin painted it, it must be true! Z asked especially for "snort mist" to make the flying unicorn appear malevolent. I think it works.


  1. All shall feel the wrath of my pink glitter and flying unicorn, Gabriel! Rainbows my ass! [wicked grin] ~ Yazmine

    Maybe if Gabriel 'snort mists', tee hee, around your face and you breath it in, you get dizzy and disoriented for a bit.

    Can you tell I was traumatized at 10 years old by a horse who wiped his snot on my knee while I was riding him on the beach? Then all the flies converged....eeeeeeeeew. Still grosses me out :(

  2. Whoops, I meant the horse next to mine wiped his snot on my knee etc. I wasn't riding a Stretch Neckstrong horse or anything, LOL.