If you've been wondering where the new posts are, well, I've been busy writing—but not blog posts! <grin/> Good posting intentions aside, I don't have any exciting new content for the blog at the moment. To keep you tide over, here's something I posted over on Fin's ODD74 a couple of weeks ago: 20 Encounters with Men of Yezmyr. (Regrets if you've already seen it.)

The story is that these encounters were diced up from my new Random Men Encounter Charts. I developed these tables for my science-fantasy setting. Rolling these encounters up and sharing them constitutes play testing of a sort... In any case, I was pleasantly surprised by the encounters. I hope you enjoy them, too.

A horde of chaotic High Men infected with the plague is rampaging through the area. They were driven from their city because they are sick and contagious. Wracked with fever, they are maniacs to a man and not rational.

A band of neutral Low Men on a pilgrimage to a far city in quest of unusual medicines. They have a number of heretical prisoners in tow with them. They plan to sell these heretics into slavery at their destination in order to fund the purchase of the required medicines.

A large band of lawful Chitinous Men have fallen on hard times. No one believes in them, so no further funding for their expeditions is forthcoming. They have resorted to thievery in order to acquire funding. They will find the Vortex Manipulator in those ruins if it's the last thing they do!

A large noble hunting expedition comprised of lawful Chitinous Men and their mercenaries. They are hunting the most dangerous game: criminals released from captivity into the wild. This hunt is a part of their city's yearly religious festival.

A small party of lawful Chitinous Men and their slaves. These highwaymen are the bored sons of noblemen, out in the world, engaged in the adventure of holding wayfarers up.

A small party of chaotic Earth Men. They are scavenging ruins with murderous intent. Somewhere within the rubble is the thief that stole their map!

A single Low Man in possession of a slave girl of high descent. He is a dervish on a religious mission: he is to smuggle the slave girl back into the city states of the noble savages. She is to be the central figure in a secret sacrificial ceremony, long since outlawed.

A large band of neutral Chitinous Men and their henchmen. They have all recently become infected with the beserking virus and will attack at the slightest provocation. They are seeking out a sorcerer who might be able to reverse the blood disease that is affecting them.

A small party of chaotic Earth Men slavers. They, along with their treacherous hirelings, are driving a bunch of slaves across the trackless wastes to the next city state in hopes of turning some coin.

A small party of lawful Chitinous Men is passing by. They are returning from the far city states where they acquired a number of new slaves. Unfortunately, these slaves are afflicted with the dread beserking virus. For whatever reason, they have chosen this moment to attack!

A band of neutral Low Men pilgrims attended to by their apprentices. They have left their monastery in search of adventure. They are headed towards the far wastes.

A large band of neutral Chitinous Men sorcerers are roving the lands in search of certain rare crystals that dot the landscape. These crystals form in the dark, twilight hours, only to shatter in the dawning sunlight. As such, the sorcerers are in a hurry.

A small party of chaotic Chitinous Men. These are slavers and they, along with their henchmen, are hunting for new slaves to capture and sell. Those who are weak, unarmed, or outnumbered had better watch out!

A medium-sized band of chaotic Low Men and their apprentices. Infected to a man with the berserking virus, they are likely to go mad with battle lust at the sight of interlopers.

A large party of neutral Low Men traveling with a number of men-at-arms. They are hunting the landscape for the various hallucinogenic plants they require for their yearly religious ceremonies.

A band of neutral Earth Men buccaneers traveling with a large number of pack bearers. They are headed into the city states in order to fence their spoils.

A small party of chaotic Earth Men pirates. Armed to the teeth and mounted on vulture dogs, they will attack, swooping down on any and all. They are after healing medicines to help their wounded comrades.

A band of chaotic High Men, cultists of the Eyeless Gods. They are traveling with a number of their apprentices to one of the far cities in order to acquire drugs for their obscene ceremonies.

A band of neutral mutant savages traveling with a number of psydogs. They are insane from spending too much time in the forbidden badlands and will attack any who happen to cross their path.

A small party of chaotic Chitinous Men scavenging a ruinous pile for rare crystals and minerals. They have a small number of prisoners bound at their camp, destined for eventual sale on the slave market.


  1. You call it it "twenty encounters," I call it "One Hell Of a Setting Teaser"