Welcome to my new blog. It is all about role-playing games, specifically my lifetime love of Dungeons & Dragons. The name is inspired from the Finger of Death, one of those wonderful spells that evil high priests use to slay unwary adventurers. I have always envisioned such rays as being sickly in hue, much like the cover of The Forgotten Temple of Tharizdun. Doesn't that color make you feel ill? Hell yes it does.

I am a long time gamer. I started with Holmes Basic back in '78. I quickly graduated to AD&D and stayed there until 2006, when I gave OD&D a try. I stayed with OD&D until I scratched the itch and rolled my own Holmes expansion.

I'm mainly going to discuss aspects from my current campaign here: things that interest me, amusing player experiences, information about the campaign world, etc. Alas, life is hectic at the moment and lots of projects are vying for my attention. As such, I expect things to be somewhat sparse around here for the next month or so. Things will pick up in December when the next game is scheduled. In the meantime I'll post some small maps and other tidbits in the coming days and weeks to keep things going.


  1. Everyone (all three of us) is having a "Mauve Moment." Yes, that is 'purplish prose." Tome for another hand of 'Purpure Placks'™. Ask me later...