I'd like to give a special thanks to Kevin Mayle for the fantastic new artwork gracing the top of the blog. Kevin has managed to capture the evocative mood that I was going after. That's a bona fide TPK happening right there. Just look at those foolish adventurers gasping in shock as they meet their doom at the hand of the Nameless EHP of the Vault. I especially love the unearthly pallor cast across the cave by the death ray.

I would be remiss for not thanking my fiancée, Creative Coquette, for her excellent color choices. Without her assistance in color selection, this blog would not look nearly so cool and collected.

Thank you!


  1. Is it me or did this come out s-i-c-k?


  2. Hi Y!

    Just dropping by to say hello to the new blog! I am "blog friends" with Z.

    I noticed you are reading Christopher Moore- my husband likes his books too! I am about to read "Coyote Blue."

    Best of luck with the new blog.